Starboard is the right hand side of the ship. Port is the left hand side. The Bow is the front part of the ship & the Stern is the rear.

The cheapest section on a passenger ship is known as Steerage There were 2 steerage sections on Titanic, one at the stern and the other all the way forward in the bow.

A knot is a unit of speed used at sea, it equals about 1.15 miles per hour.

A Swell is a small rolling wave that does not break unless it runs into something like a ship or an iceberg.

A Davit is a kind of crane operated by a pulley used to lower life boats into the water from the deck of a ship.

The Keel of a ship is the bottom most part running the length of the ship in the very center. A gantry is the bridge like scaffolding used in building ships that enables work to be done on the inside & outside of the hull.

The Bridge is the section of the ship, elevated from the main deck steering, communication & other ships functions are controlled. A Bulkhead is a partition separating up a ship. Bulkheads are often water & fire resistant.

An iceberg is calved when it breaks off into the water from the end of a glacier. This usually happens when the weather warms up.

A Crow's Nest is the elevated part on the ship where the lookout stands. On Titanic the crow's nest was on a high platform, in sailing ships it may be attached to the mast.

Morse Code developed by Samuel F.B. Morse in the early 19th century, is a system of dots and dashes representing letters of the alphabet. These signals are used either by telegraph or at night with blinking lamps. Morse code can also be sent by flags, a process called wigwagging.

Falls are the ropes & pulleys used for raising & lowering cargo to & from the deck of the ship.

Hypothermia is the medical condition commonly known as "freezing to death".

A boat is Swamped when it gets so full of water that it can't be rowed properly, a swamped boat may not sink, but it's almost useless.

A Bathysphere is a manned deep sea research sub supplied with air from the surface through a hose.

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