1912 Saved from the Titanic, starring Titanic survivor Dorothy Gibson (wearing a dress she wore on board the Titanic)

1943 Titanic-German production, director Herbert Selpin

1953 Titanic-(subtitled-Nearer My God to Thee)Jean Negulesco, starring Barbara Stanwyck & Clifton Webb

1958 A Night to Remember - British film, director Roy Baker. Based on Walter Lords non-fiction best seller.

1960 The Unsinkable Molly Brown-(Broadway musical) Tammy Grimes as Molly Brown

1964 The Unsinkable Molly Brown- starring Debbie Reynolds

1979 S.O.S. Titanic-Made For TV Movie

1980 Raise The Titanic-Book by Clive Cussler, director Jerry Jameson

1991 Titanica-IMAX feature, director Stephen Low

1996 Titanic-ABC Miniseries,George C. Scott & Peter Gallagher

1997 Titanic- Broadway Musical, Winner 5 Tony Awards

1997 Titanic-Paramount/Fox, director James Cameron, Winner 11 Oscars ( nominated for 14 ), Winner 4 Golden Globe Awards

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Piranha II : The Spawning 1982

The Terminator 1984

Aliens 1986

The Abyss 1989

Terminator II : Judgement Day 1991

True Lies 1994

Titanic 1997

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